Don't discard it, repurpose it!

Who We Are

  • We are concerned about our Environment

  • We take every opportunity to reuse resources that many people discard

  • We create custom items based on what people need/want in their Environment

  • The scene on this page is from the coast of Maine, where I spent my summers. Here I learned to truly appreciate what was in our environment, and cherish it. (SAM)

  • Our world is limited in what it can give us. Take what you need, but give back and embrace the rest. 

Wood = Osmanthus fragrans

Railroad Spike Knife

Two new bowls (dime in picture for size)

Brazilian pepper 3x3 bowl

This unusual bowl was from some discarded cypress that was on the way to the landfill.  Getting the natural shape to remain with the turning is sometimes very rewarding.