This mallet or pilon' was hand crafted on a lathe from Brazilian Pepper (a member of the Sumac family). It is 9" long and weighs about 2 pounds. 

Brazilian Pepper is an invasive species that crowds out native fauna, and is a huge problem in parts of Florida. The wood for this piece was harvested from the Viera Wetlands. The Viera Wetlands is a bird sanctuary on 20 acres of land used as a water recharge for a sewer treatment plant. 50% of the proceeds of items turned from the Brazilian Pepper will be donated to the Viera Wetlands by Knot Square, Inc. Other items will be posted as they are produced. 

Please support the Viera Wetlands 3658 Charlie Corbeil Way, Viera, FL 32940. The sanctuary is well worth a day trip to go see the effect of recovering a habitat. You will usually be able to see 200+ of species of birds, and picture taking is encouraged. 

FREE EVENT AND PARKING - March 19, 2016 - come join Knot Square at the Viera Welands Nature Festival. They will have nature photography workshops, Rain Barrel Workshop, Art Contest (Gyotaku Fish Painting), IBEX nature puppetry, arts and crafts and bounce houses. 


At KnotSquare, we help maintain our environment by re-purposing, re-cycling and saving our resources. It is fascinating what people will throw out when they no longer have a use for something. Some careful refinishing, upgrading and rebuilding can result in some very unique, and usable pieces. Pallet wood is a wonderful  source of some very beautiful material that can be made into everything from furniture to attractive storage boxes. Making use of it saves cutting trees for new sources of building materials. The "response" of the wood to different stains and finishes is quite unpredictable and beautiful. 

In the beginning, there were earth, wind, fire, water, and an enormous force. In the end it is destined to be the same. The circle of creation